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Hello and Welcome,

If your new to Unimogs or an old "Hare", this site will help you either way. I took delivery of my first U404 fifteen years ago and have shipped over 500 Mogs since then. That certainly gave me the opportunity to learn a few things about the beast. Please have a look at the restoration area
I don't think there is any better way to prepare these used trucks for their next endeavour; your driveway.

As we still build many special trucks per year, we also have custom cabs available. You may have seen our king cab model and we added a three door version to the product line. It is 34 inches longer than the standard two door cab and only six inches less than the original Doka. A good compromise for less overall cost

We also have a couple of very cool projects in the works. One, we call the "Uniburb" and the other is referred to as the " Crapper" !! We will show you over the next few months the development from stock to custom.  

newU 1100L, 1977, fire truck with 2,000 liter tank and pto powered pump, 800 hrs, 20K km's, fast gear ratio, very nice condition, $ 26,500 F.O.B. Oregon.
Fire Truck

El Mundo Maya


new El Mundo Maya More Info
August 1-19, 2007

new "Uniburb"

For any questions, please call at (360) 710-8675  
if I'm not here, just leave a message.
I will definitely call you back!!

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