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restoration-0.jpg (10134 bytes)Here is a basic crew cab 416 from the army. The gears were changed out for faster ones and the tires got upgraded to a 14.5 radial.



restoration-1.jpg (171837 bytes)The cab was sripped of the interior and rusty parts were cut out and replaced with new panels. It was sanded down in'n'out and imperfections and surface rust cleaned up and treated.

The rear doors were extremely bad and needed a complete reconstruction of the lower portion. Actually, a typical thing we see often.


restoration-2.jpg (172804 bytes)We extended the frame in the back 12 in. to accomodate a longer dump bed.

A factory hydraulic system was fitted and a pto to the front was added.


restoration-3.jpg (159553 bytes)The interior was painted and the reassembled. The outside was masked off and primed first with an epoxy sealer and then a sufacer primer 



restoration-4.jpg (195918 bytes)and finally prepped one last time before the top coat was applied.




restoration-5.jpg (195970 bytes)Finally out of the paint shop, she makes a pretty stance. A few minor things will still be added like mud flaps, but she is basically done.



restoration-6.jpg (193296 bytes)The extended spider frame for the tipper box works perfectly and new sides on the bed give it a sleek appearance. The interior of the box will be lined with polyurethane and the diamond plate decking is not just pretty but also very tough.


restoration-7.jpg (194407 bytes)Tucked away under the bed is a 14,000 lbs Superwinch, operated by the truck hydraulics. We are just waiting for the hoses to be made and then spool 150 ft. of aircraft cable onto it. The fairlead will sit below the pintle hitch and controls are inside the cab.


restoration-8.jpg (183887 bytes)The interior was redone like new and the high back seats with "air" ride base make it comfortable for long drives. We changed the standard tank for a 30 gallon one and it should give us a range of 400+ miles. The floor was sound proofed with rubber mats and the HD engine cover helps to keep the growl of 125 horses to an acceptable level. New door gaskets make for a weather tight seal and keep it cozy inside.

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