The Unimog Wherehaus

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Unimog Wherehaus Vehicle Guide: U1250 - U1550

The Unimog U1250 - U1550 trucks are the medium duty long wheelbase vehicles.

This U1250 probably serves as a snow plow in the winter. Note the high mounted lights next to the windshield pillars.

Designations ending with 50 indicate the long wheelbase version. (U1350, U1550, etc.)

A double cab U-series truck with a raised roof for more interior head room.

Due to EPA and DOT regulations, importing a modern day Unimog can be difficult.. but we are working on it. There are a few in the US, and some of them can be found with the various highway departments, BLM, and fire fighting organizations.

These vehicles will easily fit three large people in the front seat.

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