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Unimog Wherehaus Vehicle Guide: U1000 - U1400

The Unimog U1000 - U1500 trucks are considered to be the medium duty segment of the modern day Unimog line.

Production of these square bodied wonders started in the mid 70s and continues today. These vehicles are considered to be the only vehicle capable of continued severe duty service in the roughest terrain.

The U1000 is identified by the characteristic low profile hood.

To the layman the price tag for a new Unimog may be astronomical since prices start in the $100,000 range, but to a corporation or military unit, these vehicles are worth every penny. Again the superior off road characteristics, Mercedes reliability, and virtually infinite uses makes the Unimog a tough vehicle to beat.

This photo clearly shows the front implement attachment system and the front hydraulic ports.

The interior cabs of these modern mogs seem quite comfortable when compared to the early 404 trucks. Air ride seats, heated windshields, sound insulation, and optional air conditioning are certainly creature comforts that any serious driver would appreciate.

Another U1000 waiting to be called to duty.

Almost all modern day Unimogs are built to the specifications of the buyer.

This U1200 has a slightly different dropside bed.

Usually the vehicles that end with 00 (U1000,1200,1300, etc.) are of the short wheelbase variety.

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