The Unimog Wherehaus

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Unimog Wherehaus Vehicle Guide: 416

The Unimog 416/U1100 is the long wheelbase version of the 406/U900

Because of the longer wheelbase the vehicle can be equipped with the optional highway gears enabling the vehicle to be more compatible with today's highways.

Here is a typical 416 with drop side cargo bed.

Like it's cousin the 406, the 416 is used in a variety of roles.. from road maintenance, agricultural applications, severe terrain operations, fire fighting roles, etc.

A double cab with knuckle boom crane or backhoe makes for a serious work truck.

Often these vehicles are fitted with 3 point attachment systems that employ the use of the factory hydraulics. The attachment system allows a large variety of implements to be mounted to the vehicle.

The 416 double cab... the ultimate expedition camper.

This super clean truck also has a front winch powered by the PTO.

The 416 and 406 models employ the OM 352 Mercedes Benz engine for super reliability and Mercedes quality.

Municipal, commercial, or recreational.. the 416 can do it all.

Another derivative of the 416 chassis was the 417. These vehicles can be identified by the flat windshield, flat roof, and headlights in the bumper

This hard top shows the flat glass and roof.

Notice that the headlights have been moved from the grille area and placed in the front bumper.. this design feature will carry on into the heavy duty line in the years to follow

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