The Unimog Wherehaus

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Unimog Wherehaus Vehicle Guide: 406

The Unimog 406 is also known as the U900.

This vehicle was available with an optional 20 speed cascade transmission which allowed an incredible crawl ratio of over 4000:1 amazing. Other options include full hydraulics front and rear, disc brakes, etc.

Because of its short wheelbase, the engine was de-tuned so that a speed of 46 miles per hour was maximum.

The 406 became a big hit in the municipal market.

In the 1970s the CASE company imported the 406 model and marketed it as a construction tractor and snow removal vehicle. It was sold under the MB/494 designation.

Not many 406 models made it into military service, but this one looks like a Belgian vehicle.

The US military uses the 406 and it is most often seen with a front skip loader bucket and rear backhoe.

The 406 is quickly becoming popular with the recreational four wheelers as well.

This photo shows a vehicle that is outfitted for rail service. Note the rail road wheels below the front bumper.

The versatility of the 406 model has been proven on the farm, in the fields, off the road, and in the streets. The 406 continues to be a sought after model for both work and play.

Here is a 406 hard top double cab tow truck. Its primary function is to move airplanes around on the tarmac.

Note the large weight above the rear tires. Also the rim style indicates that this vehicle has disc brakes.

Here is a soft top 406 with dump bed and front implement mount.

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