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Unimog Wherehaus Vehicle Guide: S404

The Unimog 404 is the only gasoline powered vehicle in the lineup.

Over 60,000 units were produced, with most of the vehicles going to the military and fire services in the 1960s. The 404 model came in several variations, the most popular being the soft top cargo truck, the soft top radio truck, and the hard top fire/rescue vehicle. There were other models produced such as a soft top double cab version, and an even rarer hard top double cab.

The off road capabilities of these vehicles are extraordinary, and because of their compact size, reasonable price, and simplicity of construction, this vehicle remains one of the most popular Unimog models for recreational four wheelers.

The popular radio truck.

The radio box is mounted on a flexible three point suspension so that it does not limit the built in frame flex.

Because these vehicles run on gasoline which is very expensive in Europe, we have been able to make some great deals with our suppliers. They are the ideal choice for the first time Unimog buyer.

Here is a typical fire truck ready for restoration..

The fire truck service bodies came in several configurations, his one is a VLF

Like all Unimogs, the vehicles were built to the end user's specifications. Because of this there are often deviations from the typical Unimog line. The hard top double cab shown below is a perfect example.

There were very few vehicles like this made. The soft top double cab is more common, but still rare
We acquired this fine truck a few months ago, and it is now in the hands of a collector who is restoring it from the ground up.
Soft top double cabs are a bit more common, but still rare. They were used primarily as training vehicles

Recently some very fine trucks have been released by the Swiss military. The condition of these vehicles is remarkable, and have been very popular in the US market... photos soon.

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