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IOR '98

Just got back from the International Off Road Exhibition in Munich, Germany and hope the pictures will give you a little taste of what was to be seen.

V140 Camper Unimog U140 Camper.

Of course a lot of familiar products from American manufacturers as Jeeps are very popular in Europe. Many SUV-makers showed off their newest and hottest and the globetrotting and camping industry was predominant at many stands.

Pinzgauer Camper Pinzgauer Camper

Whether is was trekking, biking or kayaking, you could pretty much find everything, even tools and toys. It was combined with 50 years of Land Rover and many British made 4WD showed up. Some truck trial rigs were on display, as well as awesome expedition rigs. A small Haflinger exhibit and "ancient" four wheelers gave a good variety of things to look at.

Haflinger Haflinger Rescue Vehicle

Some interesting products for the mog market will soon make their way into our inventory. Especially the campers were well built units, with every square inch of usable space utilized for storage.

MAN Camper What a fun little toy.

A small off road course was set up to play with your vehicle and a live exhibit of conventional and ABS brakes was quite spectacular. Vehicles were spinning on the wetted tarmac and the noise of screeching tires attracted people from all directions. The parking lot was a display in itself, many tricked out campers on different chassis combinations could be admired, envied and even bought.

UniCat U1300 Camper UniCat U1300 Camper.

UniCat showed off their latest creation on a six-by mog chassis with a slide out and all the comfort you want, whether its the African Savanna or the arctic regions north and south.

UniCat U2450 Camper UniCat U2450 Camper.

UniCat U2450 Kitchen Interior of the UniCat 2450.

UniCat U2450 Living Room UniCat Unimog motor home with a slide out!

At a mere half million dollars it is not bargain basement, but sure usable and spacious. Pressed for time, I bailed out early.

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